Free EP or CP course with accommodation if you buy your kit pre-course

We are offering a 1 week BHPA EP or CP course for free, including accommodation, worth almost £1,000. To qualify for this exceptional deal all you have to do is buy your gear with us before the start of your course. Most people wish to buy their own gear when they finish their EP anyway which really makes this an incredible offer.

To qualify for this special offer all you need to do is order your new wing, harness, and reserve when you book your course.

phone 00 41 79 313 5677

phone 00 41 79 710 9132

Terms and Conditions apply:

The full paragliding rig with this offer consists of a wing, harness and reserve and will cost 4,980CHF based on a top of the line Niviuk rig. There are other options but prices will depend on options chosen. Full quotes can be given. If the gear is ordered before the start of your course then the course including accommodation and breakfast 6 days will be FREE. So this basically means that for 4,980CHF, (about 3,400GBP) you get a 1 week EP course with accommodation in our gorgeous apartments and a full brand new rig consisting of the following:

  • Niviuk Koyot 3 paraglider (in your choice of colour)
  • Niviuk Hamak Harness
  • Niviuk Cires reserve parachute.

This offer is available for all EP or CP courses.

We run our BHPA EP and CP courses every week all summer. Just contact us for availability.