Paragliding holidays and courses

Twin brothers Mike and Stu Belbas created Verbier Summits paragliding school to offer paragliding holidays and courses for every level of pilot whilst not forgetting the comforts and luxuries that people need when on holiday. Verbier-Summits is a British paragliding school offering paragliding holidays and courses in Switzerland and we are an official BHPA and FSVL school. We are also a Swiss registered and approved FSVL and OFAC school meaning that our teaching practices are of the highest and safest standards in the world. Verbier-summits have also specialized in fly-guide and paragliding holidays for over 10 years. Our paragliding holidays not only show pilots around but our guides will actually fly with you and coach you so that you learn as much as possible during your paragliding holiday.

Stu and Mike have been flying for over 20 years and when they came to Verbier a dream came true when they created their paragliding school, Verbier-Summits. With this school they have created a truly unique paragliding experience that caters for every type of pilot.

Whether you are a complete beginner wanting to experience your first solo paragliding flight, an advanced pilot looking for a specialised paragliding course or simply looking for fly-guiding, the twins and their highly professional team will make sure that you are properly looked after.

When looking to fly in the Alps people often think of France, but Switzerland offers far less crowded flying sites with so much more charm.

Luxury accommodation, wonderful food and the best instructors possible will ensure that your stay with Verbier Summits is one that you will always remember.

Verbier Summits is an English speaking paragliding school and we are a registered and approved by the BHPA as well as the FSVL and OFAC.

Our team of English speaking instructors look forward to welcoming you here in Switzerland.

Our courses and paragliding holidays: