Thermal Course

Our paragliding thermal course is designed to help pilots not only improve thermal techniques but also to generally progress and build confidence. We find that so many pilots struggle to improve once they have qualified and have left their school environment.

Once certified, continuing to paraglide alone can be quite a daunting and stressful prospect which is why this course will help you to build confidence and self-reliance as well as fine-tune your flying skills and even more importantly your decision-making ability.

Fly with our coaches

During this course there is always an extremely talented and qualified guide who actually flies with you. This is not a case of dropping you off on launch with a brief and saying ‘off you go’. Our guides will actually fly with you and reassure and coach you by radio and provide thorough pre and post flight briefs. The aim of this course is to make you a better and more confident pilot and of course to keep you safe during your flying holiday in the mountains.

Pilot rating

This is also the best course for completing your BHPA Pilot rating tasks. If you are keen to get Pilot rated (IPPI level 4), then let us know before you come out so that we can organise the necessary paperwork.

Cross-country Skills and techniques

Amongst other skills and techniques you can expect to learn about some of the following aspects of thermal and mountain paragliding:

  • Making good decisions in the mountains. Mountain flying requires a whole new set of skills.
  • Basic turns and combining turns and weight shift. (Sounds obvious but this is actually the fundamental thing that many pilots are doing wrong when trying to thermal.)
  • What to look for whilst flying: When to read the sky and when to read the ground.
  • Mapping a thermal.
  • Using a multiple core thermal.
  • What to do at cloudbase. (We hear so many pilots say…I can get to cloudbase but then I don’t know what to do!)
  • How to fly in rough air.
  • Introduction to XC flying.
  • Safety issues with Thermal flying.
  • Descent techniques. (And this doesn’t just mean big-ears! Too many pilots want to learn how to go up before they know how to come down)
  • Tasks and airtime for Pilot rating.

Paragliding Thermal Course


Learn to thermal, get to cloudbase, polish your flying skills and gain confidence.


  • 5 day course.
    6 days when booked with accommodation package.


  • COURSE: 990CHF or 250CHF per day.

    Included: All tuition and third party insurance.


    Included: 6 days of flying, all tuition, 7 nights accommodation with breakfast 6 mornings, all transport by van or cable car, third party insurance and an extra day flying at the end of the course.

For this course we require that all students are at least CP qualified and are capable of taking off and landing unsupervised, (although we will of course always help coach and fine tune landings and take-offs etc.). Prices are also based on clients using their own gear including radios although equipment and radios can be provided for 200CHF per week.

All students are required to have their own personal accident insurance prior to starting the course.


Every week from the end of May to the end of September. Weeks run from Saturday to Saturday.


We offer bed and breakfast accommodation in our traditional and homely chalets and apartments

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