Thermal courses and advanced paragliding coaching

Improve your piloting skills this summer and be a better pilot.

Paragliding improvement and development courses for every type of pilot. Whether you are a recently certified pilot looking to gain experience and wishing to learn to thermal or a fairly experienced pilot who wants to learn more about flying XC, we run all types of advanced paragliding courses and coaching throughout the summer.

Verbier-Summits is a fully accredited BHPA school operating in the Swiss Alps and Verbier is a perfect place to gain Alpine experience. Learn new skills and generally fine tune your flying this summer with our team of professional any passionate paragliding instructors and guides.

Our thermal and XC courses don’t just focus on flying far but also other important skills that people forget about such as landing out techniques, basic descent techniques and understanding some important weather elements when decision making in the mountains.

Please contact us for more information. These courses are run all the time throughout the summer months.

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