Infiniti Sponsorship

We would like to welcome our new sponsor to the family! Infiniti cars have teamed up with Verbier Summits to produce a commercial to see who can win a race across the Verbier valley….Mike in one of their super cars or Stu on his GIN Rebel!

race infiniti

Mike and I were hired by Infiniti to produce a car commercial. The commercial was the story of a race between two twin brothers….the ultimate way to test two very different pieces of sports equipment within the same arena. And so it was that Mike found himself behind the wheel of a high performance sports car with police road blocks closing the roads allowing him to drive as fast as possible. In the meantime I was racing him across the Verbier valley with my Gin Rebel paraglider. The race was across our valley with a dramatic finish line on the top of the Mauvoisin dam….a 600ft wall of concrete.

race infiniti 2

race infiniti 3

race infiniti 4

Thank you to Infiniti for believing in us and for all of your support!

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