Learn to paraglide in the Swiss Alps

Learning to paraglide in the Alps offers the advantages of very reliable weather conditions as well as height elevations that allow students to learn so much more during each flight than they would be able to do on a small hill in the UK.

Verbier Summits is an English paragliding school and is also a registered BHPA school, offering all BHPA courses with no conversions required when returning to the UK.

Furthermore, by being located in Switzerland we are also an FSVL school. This means that we are governed by the Swiss Civil Aviation Aviation Authorities which demand the highest level of training and safety in the World. Why would anyone chose any other country to learn to paraglide?

There are only a handful of BHPA registered schools in Europe and we are the only one in Switzerland.

Verbier-Summits offers all beginner paragliding courses as well as advanced paragliding courses. Our team of English speaking instructors are waiting to share their passion of paragliding with you.

Find out more about our beginner courses here:

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