Paragliding SIV Course

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This SIV paragliding course is not designed to scare you, but on the contrary to help you feel more comfortable and confident under your wing.

Think of this more as a paragliding manoeuvres workshop, where we not only work on control but also on prevention of situations outside the envelope of flight. We feel that being familiar with the first signs, anticipating what will happen next followed by a naturally correct response are the most important things in an SIV course.

Our SIV instructors have years of experience in this type of course as well as involvement with DHV testing.

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To increase confidence as a paraglider pilot, know the limits of your glider and make you a safer and more aware pilot.


2 days
Included: transport to the lake, radios and safety equipment and DVD.


  • 850CHF course only
  • 1,750CHF with 7 night’s accommodation and breakfast (5 days fly guide + 2 days SIV)