What a week!

I always say that good times are made by the people that you’re with…the place and the weather is just a bonus. Well if that’s true, last week was definitely an amazing week…with lots of bonuses! It was a week of great company, huge achievements for first time flyers, impressive thermalling for the low air time guys and some wonderful xc tasks achieved by the experienced pilots including flying from here across the border into Italy and to Zermatt…and to top it all off, the best ridge soaring conditions I’ve ever known! Not surprising really that I feel like I’ve been laughing all week.

Even the boss gets to play hard this week. Mike enjoys some wind on the ridge.

The Italian Job!

It wasn’t the best XC conditions I’ve ever known in Verbier but Bruce, one of our very regular guests and good friend, made an impressive flight all the way into Italy despite the fairly low cloudbase. The Northerly winds made this a great XC option and Bruce was able to feast his eyes during this impressive flight South over the Mt Blanc Massif and the spectacular Trient glacier.

Bruce approaches the Italian Border.

What a week to learn!

As well as being a fantastic week of XC flights with Bruce flying into Italy and to Zermatt, it was also a perfect week for our beginners. The EP students were experiencing long stunning flights all week long and the CP students were flying long thermal flights and some exciting ridge soaring. I’ve rarely seen so much progress from a group of low airtime pilots.

Thank you to everyone who was here last week….it really was one the best weeks we’ve ever known at Verbier Summits. You guys were so much fun!

Special thanks to Bart for the great photos this week: http://bartosik.org

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